How One Chamge Can Improve Any Room

Average working people cannot always afford complete room renovations when they want to change the appearance. Those who can afford it are often too busy working professional jobs to have the time to arrange full renovations. Appearances can still be altered, updated, and improved with just one change. Several different changes can be made so there are many from which to choose.


The lighting fixture effects the impression and look of the entire room. It is the key to making small rooms look bigger, dingy rooms appear brighter, and large spaces feel warmer. A central light that is close to the ceiling will result in dim light and shadows throughout the space. Switch it out with a large pendant fixture or a chandelier to make every other component in the room look brand new.

Add table lamps of wall sconces to an open floor plan to create intimate spaces. A reading alcove, a window seat with a view, or a small writing desk along a short wall will pop and be used more when filled with soft light. Try it in just one room to determine if it provides enough of a change to suit the family.

Purchase One Antique

One antique piece of furniture, a painting, or decor item will suddenly become the focal point of the room and give the impression of elegance to everything else in that space. Search through the many Antique stores Denver, travel to New England for Colonial antiques, or browse the internet to find something that strikes your fancy. Keep in mind the purchase will be an investment, but that does not mean Antiques Denver are out of financial reach.

Splurging on one antique can cost much less than a whole renovation and will make the improvement process a lot quicker. Start with something small like an end table or a centerpiece for the living room. Next year, shop for more Denver antiques for the entryway or kitchen. The collection will eventually grow and the house will be stunning.


Another single change that makes a significant difference in appearances is the flooring. Take a look at the flooring in one room for a minute. Now imagine it completely different. A carpet instead of laminate flooring will add depth and warmth to a room. It will feel more inviting, furniture will look more comfortable, and the walls will appear like they have been newly painted.

Place ceramic tile in the bathroom or kitchen to make appliances and fixtures stand out better. There are many beautiful colors, patterns, and designs that can be selected to enhance the room. If replacing the floor is nor preferable, changes can still be made. Hardwood floors, for example, are exquisite and may never fade in beauty. Add some area rugs to it to accentuate a table or middle space in the room.


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